Mariam Hakobyan

3rd year Culinary Student

Upon enrolling at Hrazdan College in 2016, I became aware that our school has a generous sponsor name, the Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund. As a result of their generosity, our computer laboratory became well equipped and with great enthusiasm, I began to attend the robotics class and acquired knowledge, I otherwise would never have learned. I was so delighted when in September of that year, I got the chance to meet in person the benefactor – Mr. Anoushavan Abrahamian – and take a picture with him.

When it comes to my profession specifically, the generous support of the Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund was very essential. During the winter period of my first and second year studies, it was impossible for us to effectively hold classes in the cooking classroom because of the extreme cold. But now, thanks to the Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund our school has solved that problem. The whole school building is now heated, thanks to which our classes are organized in a better and more suitable environment. Hence, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Anoushavan Abrahamian Education Fund for making it possible for us here at Hrazdan to learn in a safe and comfortable environment.